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My development box scripts
Scripts I use as a base to set up a development box for web app development. VirtualBox, Vagrant and fabric have made setting up a fresh environment a pleasure.
Toronto Green Parking
A proof of concept Android parking application for finding Green P parking locations in Toronto.
A library and command line tools for interfacing with the DigitalOcean cloud hosting API.
Ruby On Rails Favicon Plugin
Ruby on Rails plugin for displaying favicon of your users providoers
Ruby on Rails Rounded Corners
Ruby on Rails Rounded Corners

Sites / Services

Carpool Connect
Carpool Connect was a carpooling search engine, matching up users based on home and work location.
Spotium (in development)
Spotium will be a service that helps users find Spots for physical activities outdoors. Social aspects of the service will enable users to also find other users with similar interests and locations. Sadly, development on Spotium has stalled :(